Getting High Without Drugs – Sadhguru

Detailing extensive experiments by an Israeli scientist who discovered thousands of “cannabis receptors” in the brain, Sadhguru explains that the human system …


  1. With all due respect to Sadhguru, he is a "rambler." He rambles about information that is not useful. If he can get euphoria without external intoxicants then show people how to do it. He thinks one person smoking marijuana for a period of time is a legitimate study. It isn't. What happens if that person is really challenging themselves when they are on marijuana like a batter in baseball putting a "donut" weight on the end of their bat. The batter feels the extra weightlessness when they take the donut off and go up to bat. With marijuana I play complex video games on marijuana. It is harder to make decisions that is most definitely true but I keep at it challenging myself. I have fun with the extra challenge. I enjoy the process as opposed to the result. I can tell you the next day without being on weed, I am much, much better at it. Marijuana does not make tasks easier (it makes them harder) but it does make tasks more adventurous and fun making it easier to challenge oneself. This shows one a different perspective. To me, marijuana enhances my life in so many ways but I only smoke it at night-time. The next day I am completely sober until 5:00 PM. What Sadhguru says is from a limited perspective and a very, very limited study.

  2. Seems like he used different statistics in this video. In the video titled 'sadhguru on legalization of weed' he said the Israeli scientist had a quota of 15kg and here he says 30kg. If you are going to bend statistics like that it makes some people out there a little sceptic.

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