Drake Trying to Change The Rules In Battle Rap!

Drake did footage with Lebron James and said there are rules in a rap battle… Well i’m here to tell him HE IS BUGGING! There are NO rules in a rap battle.


  1. Too bad Hitler didnt finish off the Jews…wonder what the world wouldve been like. No Big Bankers, No Cultures in the Industry. The air wouldve been cleaner, water actually might be clean (Not throwing shade to flint but fr we know the truth)

  2. Doggie's really enjoying his new soundboard!😁 Much respect But doggy really needs to have all the information correct before he starts reporting it as a fact. 1. Pusher wasn't married yet when Drake released duppy. 2. And Pusha didn't say anything disrespectful about Drake's son, only the prostitute mother of his child.

  3. Exactly there’s no rules in a rap battle B. Niggas been battling on wax before Drake was born, like When LL said he beat off to Ice T wife’s picture, PAC talking about Prodigy (RIP) sickle cell of course foul but niggas ain’t cry about it. So now because he ain’t approve of Pushas bars there’s needs to be rules now? FOH 😂😂😂

  4. Tell drake blackface aimping bitchass to take hia ass back to degrassi who dies an told him to make rules in hip hop he just came into this he dont have the right to change any rules if he cant stand the heat get yo ass out of da kitchen u cant change ahit just to benefit u when ur losing drake needs to accept he losses give pusha his props and apologize to kanye well atlease hia wife kim and move tf on i cant stand cornballs like him hes such a fuck boy aka funboy its pathetic to watch

  5. Because is coddled by punk ass j prince and he is mainstream plus this half white jew nigga ain't no real MC/lyricist nor a real rapper at least hammer write his own shitni have no respect for drake as a artist nor as a person and i never liked him i always knew he was a phony but you black niggas always sucking his dick like a too short groupie because he is mixed but if a dark skin nigga do what he did you all would run him out of hip hop rap music

  6. That identity disorder sufferer had the nerve to say he studies rap battles for a living. After he got his ass beat! Talking about rules?? He the hell is this corny mofo??? He sighed at the beginning of the duppy freestyle as if he was a sleeping bear not wanting to leave his cozy cave and have to handle light work. Then mentioned Pusha's woman! Rules???? Nah you confused non hip hop history knowing soft poser. FOH.

  7. gutta? I thought D-ROCK was biggies right hand man. And J prince need to stop sticking up for this half Canadian faggot jew, drake! everytime he says something and pusha responds and j protects him. like T aint supposed to defend hisself verbally

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