1. If people has been smoking since the 70's im sure they were driving for several years before legalization now all you hear is every car accident the driver was driving high movies like cheech and Chong when i was growing up was of them smoking and functioning slowly scooby doo was a cartoon that made shaggy and scooby hungry if it just weed. but if its enhanced with meth or something else it dangerous I don't find smoking weed dangerous (I don't smoke weed or other drugs)

  2. Oh and i am sorry for the loss but lets get to the truth. I lost my dad when he was 21 and he was not driving. There was a wine bottle in the car but the cause of the accident was poor tires on a VW Bug which hydroplaned at speed on rain on highway with a Large rock in the ditch.

  3. There is no correlation between Smoking and impaired driving. There is no science for this cause. Narcotics and meth and flaaka are all different than thc. Pot makes you not want to drive unless you have to and then its very very carefully

  4. Okay a bunch of underage kids who were likely drinking alcohol as that tends to be the beverage choice of parties.. crashed because they happened to be smoking a joint in the car? Wow. It is widely known that people who drink will smoke cannabis because they know it will help with the effects of alcohol.

    At what point do we stop correlating things which lead to undesired events? 'If only they hadnt been drinking, it mustve been that… no if only they hadnt been smoking weed, it mustve been the weed.. or it couldve been the road conditions and the others involved in the collision..if only he hung out with different friends..if only they hadn't been texting..if only he had never went to a party, if only they banned alcohol or partying..'

    And here we sit watching a father tell an audience of Canadians that he believes it was everyone sharing a joint that led to the crash. If ONLY we didn't make cannabis legal perhaps they would all be alive, oh wait, this happened 18 years ago and it was illegal then? Oh wow, if only pot was legal back then and perhaps they would all be too young to purchase weed, then they would just all be drunk, and when has alcohol hurt anyone?

  5. Should be only for medical reason and no one should drive when they have this.. Same as drinking.. Even one beer can effect others differently.. Doctor and or state should tell them they need to turn the license in if the chose that treatment..
    Some states will lock you up for drinking a beer while mowing your own lawn…

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