DMT VS LSD | “What We Can See”

How do the visual effects compare and what are the differences? Which one has the most risk to be physically and/or mentally dangerous and why? How do they …


  1. I can so vividly remember everyyhing from my acid trip, how.Much sense it made to me then, and laugh about it now a decade later bc of how much sense it still has the ability to make scientifically, given the right physical environment

  2. That was beautiful editing! I know that many people do not edit videos and therefore don't have the same appreciation as those of us who spend hours and HOURS adding effects and adding pictures, examples etc…….so THANKS for this fabulous video!

  3. Can anyone explain to me why you’re so happy and or laughing so much on LSD? I know your brain pushes out more serotonin or dopamine, but what makes you uncontrollably laugh?

  4. During my first LSD experiment, ended up taking 3 tabs of LSD, I'm not sure how the doses were measured exactly but the trip was very intense.
    It started with the HD sort of effect, like my vision was sharper. Then I looked in a mirror at myself and started noticing the eyes everywhere, first they were all over my face and neck, then the eyes were everywhere. It became the most intense when multicolored streams (looked like giant blades of grass) started growing out of every surface. I would look somewhere, at first it looked normal and then these red, pink, blue, green "grass" looking streams started growing off of the walls, my arms, everything. When it died down, the visual became a faint mandala looking thing that just stayed in the center of my vision, motionless, with weird symbols all over it. Then the trip slowly faded away over the next hour or so

  5. lets just have a moment of silence for those who have died from taking fake lsd tabs. im completely serious they didnt deserve that, no one does. and also for the countless other life experiences that no one deserves that lsd makes us account for even though no one wants to because it makes us too uncomfortable.

  6. set and setting….that's almost all you need…and a large dose. A rule of thumb for me is, if it seems like it mght be too much, i add a bit more…i've smoked DMT only 3 times, but i've taken lysergic over 400 times, beginning in 1968

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