Another success story, healing stage 4 lung and colon cancer with Rick Simpson oil.

So here is a brief update on another one of my friends who has been successfully healed using the rick simpson oil suppositories. Yes there is hope. And its …


  1. My dear mom has stage 4 stomach cancer which hasn't spread much from the testing we did a month ago, she doesn't want to do chemo and the oil that i gave to her she didn't like and said she had a bad reaction to it, now I'm ordering Suppositories RSO type oil. I'm located in Canada so from a law stand point they're more friendly towards MJ for medical reasons. It will be totally legal in OCT 17. I will start her off on a low dose and work it up so i know she doesn't have a bad reaction again, she said one more bad reaction and she will not try anything. I hope I'm not to late.

  2. Hello Valerie. Thanks for uploading this. I have an elderly friend (85yrs old) recently diagnosed with dementia and he is asking me questions about marijuana and any benefits it may have towards dementia. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  3. This video is right on time for me. God bless u for posting. I’m treating my mom with RSO oil to fight stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to the lungs, liver, and bones. So far it’s helped relieve severe pain she’s been having in her abs but the tumor in her lungs strains her breathing at night. We’ve been making the oil ourselves and seeing positive results. She’s also juicing, changed diet, and supplementing. She did a bit of conventional meds in beginning but no results. I’m considering growing the bud myself. Do u recommend any specific seeds? Also I was worried the suppository wouldn’t be as effective but I’m gonna look back into that thanks to ur video since she doesn’t like the high 🙏🏾

  4. Im interested in knowing what the capsuals are you use?  I make the suppositorys out of cacoa butter with the RSO blend.  I pour it into the moulds while it is warm and then put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and they are then right to go.

  5. It's strange I'm not doing to good today and you came today with your message I'm in Canada and don't know how I found you I'm only vaping it's the most economical for me it helps but I need to ingest I think I sure could use some prayers for me Im not sure if it's ok to ask that but God knows my heart with tears in my eyes God bless you and your family

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