500 mg CBD Tincture from CBDistillery – PRODUCT REVIEW

Learn about the CBDistillery’s new full-spectrum CBD tincture, get an update on my journey weaning off of anti-depressants, and find out how to use CBD …


  1. I bought the 500mg for my anxiety and it has helped so much its crazy, previously i was smoking to try and relieve my anxiety at night/after work and now I have been able to slow down on that and just take it in the morning and again at night! Also, my mom is going through menopause and I gave her half a dropper in the morning and she had barely one hot flash and she usually has up to 10 a day.

  2. Hi. On the packaging it says to use 3 drops under tounge (2500mg) but I always see people taking half the dropper full on these reviews. Did you start with a few drops or do you typically dose half the dropper?

  3. Thank you for posting. I know this is from a year ago or a little over, but it's still very helpful and relevant. I am a long time user of CBD and CBD+ low THC products, and have opted for CBD and non or less psychoactive medicines for my own use, as well as for recommendations.

    I'm currently looking to build a website about Cannabis, CBD, low THC and similar products that help people. There are not enough people that know about, or many that are misinformed about Cannabis and Hemp products. It's refreshing to see a no-bs review and some commentary on products that are available to the public.

  4. I've just started the tincture 500 mg and taking 2/3 drops twice a day and vape 200 mg about 5 times a day
    How many drops do you use of the tincture and have you ever taken it 3 times a day say at lunchtime

  5. Good video I just ordered my fist CBD oil for my sisters one is dealing with depression and the other has endometriosis, the pain meds don’t help her much so we’re going to try a more natural alternative

  6. I was having up to 20 seizures a day sometimes. My son bought me 1oz/30 ml bottle of peppermint tincture…YOU DONT NEED A DROPPER FULL !!! I only use 3 drops under my tongue. It stopped the seizures like KABAM!!! My neurologist dropped me but wth…my other Dr. encouraged me to try to find it with 2% thc…it has taken away all my uncontrollable anger, I also am no longer suicidal. I’m also not free from depression but NO WAY do I want to die !!! That’s major. My daughter who is newly off a 15 yr heroine habit is also benefiting from the CBD oil. She no longer gets furious, she’s pretty calm. We haven’t tried it for muscle spasms for her. GOOD LUCK….SAY YAAAYYYYYY TO BEING OFF PHARMACEUTICALS!!!!

  7. I cant believe i watched this. Even if you didnt make another video or make this one longer, you could have put in the description how you felt after an hour or two. I dont have money to just buy and see and was really hoping for a good review.

  8. Im makeing my first order from cbdistillery tomorrow, going to give the isolate powder a try first just due to $ but between the tincture and isolate which has worked best for you??

  9. I was on Pristiq also, and i went from 50mg to 0mg cold turkey after my insurance fucked me over. I had really bad withdrawl. I'm glad to find someone who was on the same drug I was get help with CBD. This validated me so much, thank you for putting this out there. The "zapps" you mentioned were pure hell for me. I was convinced my head was going to split in half. Every time I would Zap it jerked my head back involuntarily. I hope you're doing better now. <3

  10. It’s good to hear someone else’s story of coming off ssri’s, it really is hell and it’s strange to think that they’re prescribed so frequently (1 in 10 Americans is on an anti-depressant).

    Anyway I wish you the best moving forward and also thank you for the review. I’m looking at a few different products and this really helped!

  11. Just got 500mg CBD and mixed with my vape oil. Feel a little numb and chilled. Don’t know if it’s my mind tricking me or genuine thing

    Anyhow I have awful mental illness so will try anything if I can find something that helps. I’ll post an update at some point as it will take time I guess.

  12. This is very good. Some of my family were on antidepressants and anti anxiety medication, including myself.

    Discovering cbd is a lifesaver and I would encourage you to continue speaking about your journey and reviewing more products.

    Really appreciate your contribution🙂🗣💨

  13. Thank you for doing this review and sharing your story! I have just come off of pristiq and have been looking for some cbd tinctures and I am going to definitely try this one. it seems to be the best quality for the best price! I hope you’re doing well 🙂

  14. Really happy for you! Hope things have continued getting better for you.)
    I came off SSRI, Pain meds, nerv. Med, and benzos (all at once), it was so unbelievably awful. Took me about 3 months to level out. I unfortunately hadn't yet found CBD oil, but I'm sure it would have downgraded the symptoms. I've been using CBD for 4 days now and cannot say enough good things. So natural, so helpful. Godsend!
    I started with +CBD 250 mg, it's descent. I want to try cbddisstillary 500 or 1000.

  15. I'm looking into trying CBD for pain and some anxiety and depression that comes along with it and I noticed two different products and I was wondering what your take is. One is Cannabinoids which I believe is the product you're reviewing and the other is Phytocannabinoids. Is there much difference between the two? And do you believe one would be preferable over the other?

  16. I recently got a cbd tincture to treat my anxiety and it works good but after putting it under my mouth for the first couple of days it made the area under my tongue swell up. So I started to place it in my teas and it made the top of lip swell up. I think I could be allergic to the organic olive oil it's mixed with orrr idk. I just wanted to get your input on this

  17. Going through the same thing now. Managed to come off of everything except Xanax. Tried to quit that a few weeks back thinking that I had weened myself down enough, huge mistake. Hoping that cbd will help with the final push to quit in the next couple of weeks.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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