1. "Stress less smoooke mooore, oh yeah" 😁
    What size bags? Congratulations on reaping the benefits of hard work and love. Ive lost 4 small indoor plants 2 weeks flower rhrips and 4 outdoor catepillars and bud rot ughhh. ima rook.

  2. You notice how much keef is there….without even trying for it….think legal dispensaries….they are extracting the keef purposely from there buds….you will never get full strength bud from them….nothing compared to growing your own….just sayin….

  3. 🤔 my dude I think you have a finger print on your camera lens there is a slightly blurry spot In the camera, I bet your fingers were sticky and you touched the lens accidentally lol… Or my phone is tripping…….

  4. So glad for you man👍😜, i learned so much👍👍 and man next year No-no gonna be "Kaligrownbudz" apprentice sorcerer….🤣🤣🥦🥦 you got my Garden vote of the year bro🏆🥇 hands down 1 man wrecking machine💪💪❤❤

  5. damn good crop….they do make some hand held presses for that keef…..as opposed to baggies ….but you probably know that…..thanx for the tips thru out this grow season…..I'm sure it helped more people than just me…..

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