Why I Take Aura CBD Oil Products Daily + Review

Why I Take Aura CBD Oil Products Daily + Review Aura CBD Products (Use this link every time you make a purchase with them, thanks): I …


  1. Hey Dan, the link in your video description for Aura CBD doesn't work and like another person mentioned below, they don't ship to the US due to insurance issues. Any other recommendations for those of us in the USA? Just FYI!

  2. Cbd oil gets you stoned… thc has the psychoactive properties but cbd oil gets you stoned. Its the difference between indica and sativa strains of marijuana… anyway thats why it makes you feel relaxed… have you stopped dreaming at night yet?

  3. Thanks for the videos man! You are among a few sources I have been using recently to get healthy!

    So I am a long time heavy user of smoking marijuana because of the many symptoms it helps elevate somehow. Now that I found out about metal toxicity, iodine supplementation+support supplements and detoxing w clean water and all that I am noticing a decline in my desire to smoke marijuana in general. I think the sluggish feeling was the thing that helped mask the symptoms and depression of it all. Only 2 weeks into my detox protocol and I've easily cut down to 25% of my normal use, its mind blowing. I am going to give concentrated CBD a shot down the line a chance if I find clean stuff 😀

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