1. Elon Musk should run for President in 2024. We already elected one Billionaire Buisnessman who doesn't give a Fuck about what he says so why not another???

  2. If it's money that's the issue… Which runs on our confidence…

    Then why doubt him? Why pull money out? It's still him. He didn't become a marijuana hydra hell bent on raping your children, he's still himself. Keep your money on him. Make him worth $$$ by remembering he's still Elon.

  3. Cardi b vs nicki minaj

    Pennywise vs joker vs original pennywise vs twisty vs captain spaulding

    Shaggy & scooby vs charlie brown and snoopy

    Nathan drake vs lara croft vs indiana jones vs tintin vs dora the explorer

    Mr bean vs pee-wee herman

  4. Who gives a flying toss about musk smoking a joint. What we need to be concerned about is musk trying to save money by sleeping on the floor of Tesla head office He’s a multi billionaire 😂 now people are stating to pool some money to buy him a bed PEOPLE WE NEED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS …….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are people that stupid ???????????

  5. I mean i don't care Elon is hard working guy he build two companies in matter of no time and if he have some time and want to smoke weed while he have some of it he can do it i don't care he have all rights as Neil deGrasse Tyson said leave the guy alone if he wants to smokes weed who cares.

  6. I would like you guys to know most geniuses are on the spectrum and that’s because it’s how nature creates a balance yes he may be awkward but his brain works in ways normal people doesn’t and as for be an Android he probably has a social anxiety or socially awkward because he has a higher IQ than he does EQ which means he doesn’t process emotion normally and or has a hard time process normal conversation and pick up on things like sarcasm

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