White Berry Indica Harvest Time

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  1. I have no knowledge of how you do what you do and having said that it looks like you have done a beautiful job. I hope to some day be able to grow my own and or for a grow op. I have physical disabilities that have been progressively worsening and as the MMJ program continues to expand I will try to get a job in the industry. I currently live in a MMJ state and have access to high CBD strains but it’s very expensive- 40-60 and 8th. We currently are not permitted to grow any of own medicine but hopefully soon. Take care

  2. The Bud you were talking about looked PURPLE not brown? There might be some somewhere though 👍 GROWERS LOVE 🍁 💚 PS do you pump Air into the deep water pots. And how often do you change the Nutes? thanks or water.👊💨

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