1. And I don't want to ask more of you that you are already giving but I'm having a very hard time. I'm still trying to work full time but I've gotten more sick so they are giving me klonopin for anxiety and prednisone for inflammation and Ibuprofen but offer me oxycodone and I declined but I know my condition can be cured but I'm waiting but my body hurts so bad. What does an addict do in this situation

  2. I think its partly when you see the desperation and need in someone it reminds you of yourself in the same situation. It reminds you of the pain and feeling of loss and goes straight to your heart and your strong need to help and empathize brings you into their craving or need to feel better

  3. Hunni…I'm so glad you're feeling good!!! Do your meditation. My thoughts are your feeling so good bc your not giving into your triggers. I'm super excited about that, as you should be. Luv yaπŸ’“

  4. Hey Roberta, could you be bored? We addicts get very use to having chaos and struggles in our lives. When things go well, we get a little bored so the thought of pills brings the "excitement" of scoring and chasing that buzz again. Or perhaps we mistake peace for being bored. If we can get use to feeling peaceful it's a good thing. Talk to you Friday girl!

  5. Roberta keep going girl look good happy to see your doing okay went and seen someone iam doing little better but its hard hope your doing live chat soon sleep well wishing you good heath

  6. Hey! I'm curious if you have thoughts on naltrexone for opiate cravings? Now that I've been off the sub for 2 months (what????? NEVER thought I'd say that!) it was suggested to help with alcohol and opiate cravings. I actually was on vivitrol, which is the same thing in shot form, a few years ago but I was still using other shit and not ready to stop zo I thought it was ineffective. Just curious if you have any advice. Love you so much, friend!

  7. Recognizing them, and of course telling your sponsor 😎 are good signs… I wanted to drink when things were good and when they were bad. We used to say play the tape and see how it ends, and my sponsor always says did you pray on it? I'm not religious but I know what he means. I believe for alcoholics and addicts these feelings are normal… I also believe that they fade with time.

  8. Yes Rebuke the devil the prince of darkness is always trying hard to get us . He doesn't want God to have us cast out the enemy in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Roberta sweetheart you are a child of the might high God .

  9. evil is real, Flee from temptation, ask God to remove those thoughts, U deserve to have happiness, You must believe that thou, nobody can force anyone to be happy. I have to ask God this sometimes all day long.

    Bottom line Roberta, Dont buy the Lie!!!
    πŸ˜‡ πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡

  10. Good luck and keep up the fight. I'm still on suboxone but in counseling they ask about triggers and I'm kind of a strange person. I don't think I have any. I've had a great ability to just stop doing things. The only problem with the opioids was the sickness that's what kept me coming back. So I think ones I'm over the suboxone I think I'll be ok. I love counseling because I like talking to people that understand.

  11. That's always been your way as soon as things are going good you feel good you wanna do drugs you've known that for a while it's in one in your past videos um what I suggest is maybe wear a Halo instead of devil ears I'm just kidding that was a joke you're recognizing your triggers which is cool So that in itself is a good thing to push away those negative feelings and push away those evil feelings that are trying to keep you high you're strong you can do it

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