Trump’s Secret Anti-Marijuana Agency EXPOSED

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  1. They forgot a contributing factor here – if you legalize marijuana, it will become MUCH harder to keep the for-profit prison filled to capacity, which will take free and nearly free labor away from MANY corporate interests.

  2. I smoked pot and ate a turkey sandwich, a can of raviolis, 2 oatmeal cream pies, a handful of grapes, a pop tart, a pint of Reese’s ice cream, a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 3 Sprites and a strawberry yogurt. Pot’s awesome.

  3. In 1987 a supreme court nominee had to step down because Congress had found out that the nominee had smoked pot in high school, but the nominee we have now can scream "I LOVE BEER!!!" Over and over again like a madman. Such bullshit!

  4. We live in a vampire society. The police departments have to suck some blood.. that means they need criminals. If there aren't any criminals, they have to make some, otherwise they don't have a job. Right now, with white nationalist influence in the white house and law enforcement, it's hunting season for black and brown american communities.

  5. Beer, liquor, wine industries don't want the competition. I've met a few people who have said that they would try it if it were decriminalized. A bunch of old white men who enjoy a couple of double-scotches at the end of the day don't want people to smoke some weed at the end of their day. Weed will cut into pharma sales of narcotics, so they can't have that, since they get paid by big pharma.

  6. I think we should give the president a monitored piss test. I bet he comes up positive for coke or Weed. I wonder can a President be removed from office from a failed drug test? Cause? Reasonable suspicion, the guy is spouting off at the mouth like a meth head. He must be on something.

  7. You do realize this was happening under Obama and started under Regan if not before hence his studies with all the facts crossed out STOP ACTING LIKE THE PRESIDENT IS THE HIGHEST PART OF GOVERNMENT TRUMP DIDN'T WRITE THE BOMB LIST

  8. They are trying to get rid of marijuana and vaping despite all the studies that show the benefits on pain, seizures etc for marijuana and the studies that prove vaping is 95% healthier than smoking but opiate based medications and tobacco products that kill people in massive numbers….totally fine. Really?!

  9. But alcohol and cigarettes, the two biggest causes of death in America are legal. You still can't make your own liquor, but you can buy it everyday of the week even Sunday if they sell food too. Think about all the alcohol related incidents, car wrecks, hitting pedestrians, abuse of family and friends, murder etc. Marijuana, only linked to these things when alcohol and other drugs are found.

  10. Jeff Sessions needs to get high at least once in his life then he would understand the benefits of marijuana
    They are totally against anything that goes against their big Pharma money
    Unless it directly effect them then they are all against it
    Until they can make money on it

  11. This has been the agenda since they found out it can free people from being slaves to society by freeing their minds/souls from the things that try to feed the ego & separate you from the true source of love & fellowship that lives within each & every soul on the planet!
    Time spent thinking is never wasted!

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