Trump Wants To Beef Up The Military, But Recruiters Are Having Trouble Finding People (HBO)

Donald Trump wants a bigger army. Much bigger. For recruiters, that means a hard job just got harder. This year’s target has been set to 80000 recruits, up from …


  1. Trump wants 80,000 recruits in the year, 12k more than the average. Its kind of confusing, there's 2 very different messages being presented here because she is saying that the army has looser standards and has done more waivers for recruits to serve while the recruiters are saying that nothing has changed and that the standards are the same and the last recruiter said that there's no gray area or lax to fulfill Trumps new recruit demand. Im not sure what to believe because how else are u going to get 12,000 extra recruits without lowering the standards and without applying any waivers? The only logical conclusion one can infer to is to say yes to the recruits one said no before. More pickier standards, which isn't happening here, would mean that it would take longer and be harder to find ideal recruits to enlist, I'm not saying its not possible but you can more than likely expect to find non-ideal candidates from a random youth American population. Just go to a mall and you'll see what I mean.

  2. The US military is a corporate tool. Nobody wants to be a corporate tool with a ridiculous purpose. People want to do something meaningful with their lives and that is impossible in the US military.

  3. It will be fine as long as we keep the standards on the Intel units high. sure other units could have low standards, but vital areas like engineering, Medical and most importantly Intel should be keep high. MOS selections should now affect standards and should be selected even right before testing and signing. This way we get the numbers and still keep the quality. "This is the only way to have it both ways." – FLAMESIS. 2018

  4. Maybe its because they reject half the people who apply and then force veterans to retire for bullshit reasons.

    Guys fought with one arm in the civil war and now all of a sudden it's a problem when recruits have bad allergies or a weed misdemeanour from high school? Give me a fuckin break, if this were ww2 or Vietnam they'd find a job for these kids

  5. I won't lie, the military is hard hard work. There are many days, I take off my boots, and think to myself "how can I possibly wake up the next morning and motivate these people to do PT tomorrow morning". I think many young adults feel like they can be better off financially, which is part of the reason recruiting has slowed down.

  6. It isn't that they're having trouble finding recruits, it's that their retention sucks.

    The army was told recruit 80,000. Yet I go to the recruitment office and get told I need records of counseling, records of PT test, DD-214 and pass the APFT. That's just to get them to consider started the waiver application for re-enlistment.

    I walk to the air force office. They wanted my DD-214, and a copy of the court papers showing that I have custody of my son. All I have left to do before I get to a contract signing is clear the physical and get approval for the NPS re-enlistment waiver. I go in two days to start my waiver application. Still can't pass the PT test, but I'm not far off.

    Side note. That girl not knowing who the hell she was accepting on FB was stupid. That's how you let serial killers and stalkers get your information.

  7. Are we going to act like lowering standards is because of Trump? The reenlistment rate in the military has been in decline because the quality of life in the military is degrading. Leadership is awful, troops are screwed out of benefits, money, and promotions, people are getting kicked out for tattoos and bullshit medical issues, bases have poisoned water, the list goes on. Because like 4 or 5 years ago, we put a stupid amount of money into the F-35 program and as a result, had to down size significantly. The Air Force was trying to cut nearly 1/3 of their personnel, only to realize they had a massive shortage and suddenly had to get people back, as an example.
    Since we downsized so rapidly, we now need to upsize rapidly. And the only way to do that is to lower standards, and offer enlistment bonuses. It also doesn't help that we're trying to integrate women into combat roles, and because women are failing at a much higher rate than men are, they also lowered standards. 1. to integrate them so we seem like a cool modern feminist military, and 2. because we cut way too many people.

  8. Two problems, the conflicts the US has participated in for decades have been unjust. That's the reality of it and kids now have access to these facts with wide spread, unfiltered insight thanks to technology.

    Another problem is young people these days are predominantly physically soft from sitting around on their devices and eating heavily advertised garbage food.

    I'm freaking 51 years old but am in far better shape than 90 percent of the boys in my kids high-school although these guys should be in their prime.

    The difference is I don't eat shit food or drink soda. Instead of spending all night online I walk my dog or go to the gym for an hour twice a week.
    It's nothing strenuous or hard to do…

    It's a freaking shame this generation of young people are so soft and weak they can't even get into basic military service because they don't have in them to put down the bag of chips and their phone for a few hours a week…

    If someone can't take care of their one and only vehicle (their body) that takes them through life they need to immediately reevaluate their lifestyle and make changes pronto.
    If you can't even get into the army in your prime you're going to have serious major health problems by middle age. And that is not only unfair to yourself but your eventual wife and kids etc.

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