1. The only reason alcohol and tobacco are legal is because this had been the case for hundreds of years. The law is hypocritical, but it is so by necessity. It does not follow that because two poisons which exist in mass use now are in some senses more dangerous than some that are prohibited that more such poisons should legalized.

  2. Excellent video, you couldn't have been more right Rationality Rules! We need more people like you to win the actual war 😉

    MDMA as a treatment for people who have ITP instead of Nplate (Romiplostim), a growth factor invented by Josef Mengele's dickriders.

  3. First time I completely disagree.
    Drug laws are only partly based, never fully based on a principle. you can´t pick them out one by one.
    The bigest factor is the population.
    There would be Riots if you forbid alcohol.

  4. I completely agree with you, but you're missing something. Nixon not only viewed hippies as his political enemies, he also viewed black people the same way. That's why the war on drugs is so devastating to the black community in America. The hippies are gone, it was a cultural movement. Black people haven't gone anywhere.

  5. The alcohol prohibition in the USA caused a crime wave. Tens of thousands of government agents were employed in this system. When the prohibition was lifted, they would have had to sack those agents, so they said "smoking dope is dangerous", without any proof.

  6. The kratom ban advocates use as one of their argument that kratom is illegal in the countries that grow it. It was banned there because it cut into their profits from their opiate trade.
    Kratom helps many opiate addicts to recover from addiction to pain meds and live pain free and productive lives.
    So let's ban it!
    Go figure. : (

  7. A topic worth touching on is the reason for this and honestly it’s in a huge way down to the pharmaceutical industry and there lobbying to politicians it’s a truly vile situation in the states and not much better in the uk also cannabis was originally outlawed as hemp to make timber the resource of choice making William something hurst millions by producing the timber it wasn’t even known as a drug when 1st outlawed just goes to show

  8. I know I'm late to this one, but I feel the need to comment.

    I am a recovering addict. I became addicted to heroin when I was 17 years old.

    I became involved with some very dangerous people and I inevitably ended up selling gear and being arrested and then going to prison.

    Back in 2015, I was very drunk and approached by a guy. He got talking to me and because I said I had lived in this town my whole life, he asked if I could get him any crack.

    If I hadn't been drinking then I'd never have said yes. I did get it for him.

    Months later I was arrested for supplying class A, just for scoring for him. He was an undercover cop.

    I was looking at 7 years in prison. I was in court 2 days after my brothers funeral. My heavily pregnant girlfriend was in court with me.

    I got remanded to HMP Norwich. 3 weeks later I was sentenced to 4 years, cut by a ⅓ for my guilty plea, to 32 months.

    The police never ever go after actual dealers. They just go after addicts. I've had serious mental health issues for as long as I can remember.

    I, thankfully, managed to turn my life around. I've been clean for nearly 3 years, after 22 years on it.

  9. You missed what might be the biggest single reason for the mismatch between drug laws and harm – simple inertia. It's always easier to do nothing than it is to change something. It's easier to keep illegal drugs illegal, and keep alcohol and tobacco legal, than it is to change things. Your own comment at the start of the video, that you'd assumed there were good reasons behind drug laws, is a case in point – that's what most people assume. To change it, you need a dedicated group of people going out and educating people about the reality of drug laws

  10. Drug laws and not based on potential hand or addiction only.
    when President Nixon launched the U.S. government’s war on drugs 40 years ago Didn’t do it only because it was harmful or addictive. There were many social, economic, cultural and religions factors and because there was a whole criminal organization behind it.

  11. LCD is harmless? NYC is suffering an epidemic of overdose related deaths.

    Because while most effects can include feelings of well-being, a perception of being outside one's body, an enhanced insight towards creativity, problem-solving, discovering a purpose, and mystical experiences.

    A "bad trip," on the other hand, is like a living nightmare. It is similar to psychosis, and the person cannot escape from it. There may be extreme fear, paranoia, a separation from self, and the person may believe that they are dying or in hell.

    It can also trigger panic attacks, psychotic episodes, disturbing anxiety, paranoia, pain, and a feeling of dying or going insane.

    Comparing bottle of alcohol and one pill of LCD is like comparing a handgun with a fully automatic machine gun. Comparing both is really stupid.

  12. 3:44 comparing the effects of alcohol with illegal drugs is not accurate. You can measure and study the alcohol use in a long period of time and for a big population.
    All the studies on LCD drugs use a small sample and a small period of time.
    As always the devil is in the details.

  13. Listening to the intro, I initially thought you were saying that you once held the view that there were not good reasons for the current drug laws, and were now going to argue against that perspective (i.e. for current drug laws). I was then disappointed to watch yet another of your videos that simply told me things that I already agreed with.

  14. My dad is of the opinion (and I happen to agree) that it would be better to just make all drugs legal and then tax the hell out of them. In doing so, theres more money to treat any problems that come from said drug use and you also know EXACTLY what your getting. One of the biggest dangers after all is not knowing whats actually in the gunk your sticking in your body and I highly doubt that the shady dealers would see anything wrong with padding their stock with less than healthy chemicals.

  15. Areas with drugs have failed education, crimes due to bankruptcy, single parents and so on. But people ignore this, Using only data that benefits their point and ignoring other data that proves entirely against it. Look at the places were people take more drugs, and look at places without drugs?

    https://luxury.rehabs.com/drug-abuse/classifications/ and https://www.unodc.org/wdr2017/field/WDR_2017_presentation_lauch_version.pdf. Also the likelihood that drug dealers will add poisonous products to the drugs in order to increase the weight and size. I could go on, but biased opinions are prevalent around drugs, so you will always find more data for drugs than against it. That is the power of mob mentality.

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