1. This guy is a complete moron. He's just vomiting his on opinions instead of actually reporting very well documented FACTS. Portugal didn't legalized all drugs, it decreminalized them. Two different things. This policy back in 2001 had astonishing results and its been a case study and a role model for the entire world. Fact.

  2. Liberals want people on drugs and stupid so people can't figure out what they are doing to our economy and selling us out to Globalist bankers and elites. There is a reason Ontario has a history of teaching poor math in schools. It's all part of the agenda. This document was leaked by a CIA employee. It explains a lot what Wynn did and Trudeau.
    https://youtu.be/s_38tsQ4p0I (silent war Agenda 21) 1:00 mark = family unit disintegrated and education state controlled

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