Rx Peso Details Quitting Cough Syrup Addiction For 8 Weeks and Why He Relapsed Again On Drank

Atlanta rapper and DrugRixh member, Rx Peso, sits down with DJ Smallz and opens up about his addiction to cough syrup, details quitting for 8 weeks, explains …


  1. Lame ass duck ass niggaz aint drug rich Smh im dissapointed. Im from St Louis. Just Went down to ATL to see what these niggaz was on. Niggaz is not drug rich at all. Shit a gimmick. lame ass niggaz. Peso tell ya boi Pinky Im on hiss ass All the blogs gone know yall broke af. Runnin off wit $500 n shit broke ass niggaz. Nigga took the bait. I just wanted to see if these niggaz was really juggin. Get off dat broke dope fiend shit. I was still havin big runtz n big hi tek. I jus wanted to confirm if yall was really wat yall portaying on the internet. Nerd ass niggaz. I c y yall stayin gettin shot n shot at n shit.

  2. I’m from the era when u can get a 4 of act for 40 that shit dead now to mainstream 1500 to 1600 for a pint of red 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ strictly weed now you’ll be surprised how high u can get now shit dab smoke a blunt and sip some thc lean way more healthier 💯💯💯

  3. The drank is a mf. And no, I ain't talkin about them $150-$200 fake ass wock pints or the no labels. Those ain't real and you ain't sippin drank if you buy those. Check the bottom of those pints. Bet they dont say Arch. 🤣

  4. He is definitely more talkative than his last interview and he looks more awake. Kudos to him for at least cutting back. That’s a stepping stone.

  5. "I could stop right now if I wanted to I control it" then why did you touch it again?(he asked) and "I don't really know" you don't control it dawg put down the double cup before u get a double stomach fold

  6. If you wanna know why people relapse on opiates it's because they release more dopamine in your brain than sex does. So ask yourself could you stop having sex forever? Yeah, thought so.

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