1. Cmon brah let's eat a perc_(lol, I'm joking) I appreciate your video. Your heads on point and that rebound statement is accurate and true. Emotions, emotions, emotions. Stay strong, keep building.

  2. I just watched you're most recent vid and now I have watched this one. Back on board. If I hear you right, and I think I do, you are having woman problems. This is a major problem when on kratom let alone off kratom and all times in between. No matter how innocent and cute these little angels can be they like to push you're buttons. If they come over to you're place and you tell them "do not touch that or that." They are going to touch it and play around with it and break it. Yeah, good idea not to be around a woman while recovering because you can go off in a split second and do damage. I agree, you can go from being cool and calm to irritable and outright nasty FAST. Until you have that under control, just talk with her on the phone and at gatherings. She is recovering as well which compounds the possibility of you two getting into a fight. I tell my gf exactly what is going on beforehand and let her know when I am not up for getting together. She should understand that. For us, this is dangerous territory because we are trained and can inflict heavy damage if we are triggered. Good idea to stay away or escape when you feel" bad Jason" coming on. If we eat at a restaurant and she triggers me or visa versa I give her cab money and bag.

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