New Macs and iPad Pro coming in October!

Today, Apple sent out invites for an upcoming October 30th event set to be held in Brooklyn. Apple did something special for its invites this time around, and …


  1. I hope we do finally get some news on a new iPad pro. Looking to upgrade from my old 2011 iPad 2, but the newest iPad didn't feel "new" or interesting enough for me to upgrade.

  2. Are you really sure the headphones jack is going to be illuminated completely and totally and unable to use a wired headphones? Maybe an adapter can be used? What do you think?

  3. iPad Pro will be the only thing worth it. New MB Air is going to be overpriced junk and MBP refresh (*their fastest MBP ever.. yawn) will be a ripoff too. Apple and AMD combo is not pro. It's a joke. Drive by.

  4. My Mac mini is now four years old. It has slowed significantly over the last nine months. I have been considering building a Hackintosh, but if a pro-level Mac Mini is in the works I may demur.

  5. I totally want a new pencil.

    But if the new model ONLY has a pairing feature ?
    Totally useless.

    You connect your Apple Pencil ONCE and it doesn’t fail to disconnect so long as it’s in proximity

    Air pods have a use for the connectivity, multiple devices can connect to it not just Apple devices.

    What else am i going to connect my pencil to?
    My 2nd iPad ? Psssh

  6. According to the logo i wouldn’t be surprised that Apple brings out an Imac in different colors.
    It’s 20 years ago when the first model came out, so, maybe they will launch a 20 year anniversary imac…

  7. a public apology to it's customer base for it's increasingly chilling draconian business practices and it's flagrant disregard for Right to Repair (and upgrade) legislation …that would at least be a good start.

  8. Will this FINALLY be the year when Apple goes back to making a decent size (17"+) Macbook Pro? My aging 2010 17.3" is begging to be replaced, but I sure don't want to downgrade to a mere 15".

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