Marijuana Cannibas KitchenGro MicroGro in Aerogarden 3 with Autoflowering Northern Lights Strain

My first time growing cannibas plants in my house. I used an Aerogarden 3 to start a few seedlings and then I transferred the strongest seedlings to a 2’x2’x5′ …


  1. Hey brother do you not have an online fan or attatchment to a window? Reason I ask is I want to grow 6 plants with a tent I hAve like that but no window access in that room just a sliding door.. so I wasn’t sure how they would do in that room. Thanks for your help

  2. I got this for the herbs. In Michigan, our growing time depends on weather and ours is screwey>>>  . It can snow, rain, hail, and have very warm temperatures all in the same week. Since I love fresh herbs and we have between a three to five month growing season, depending on weather, because, you know, lake effect, this was the best option. I'm already impressed. Lights bright, but it acts as a nightlight so my grandkids can find my bed and wake me up. Truthfully, not very fond of that, but I blame the grandkids more than the light. I truly love this

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