1. I really wish people would stop referring to people involved in the sale, cultivation or distribution of cannabis as "criminals"
    If we suddenly made milk production a criminal offence then dairy farmers would be criminals… Its ludicrous.
    The vast majority of people in the illegal cannabis industry are trapped in a vicious cycle wherein they were handed criminal records for possession, which stopped them gaining legitimate employment, leaving only the option of currently illegal employment to feed themselves and their families… Now those people will have their jobs and career prospects ripped from them again by the government only for those jobs to go to people not considered as "criminals"

    I repeat… They are only criminals because what they are doing the government says is illegal… When it is no longer illegal to do what they are doing…they stop being criminals and simply become self employed entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry…
    Until someone tells them they can't do that job because they were once involved in criminal activities.

  2. I believe Marijuana is over rated. Not to many people really like it. Its a downer. It just put you to sleep. Its more of just a social drug. Hope that it does not lead people to try high drugs like Go Fast. Crack . Cocaine. Heroin and Pain killers. People should try to socialize with just Marijuana user and not really hard drug users. Just remember that the first hit of Go Fast or Heroin is free but the next one is going to cost you. Think of it like a Vampire once bitten always a vampire. Once you shoot up once you will always be an addict. Life span of a addict is 5 years with out treatment.We will also see marijuana user with COPD. I hope the gov is collecting medical taxes to pay for all that COPD down the road.

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