Is Watching Sports a Waste of Time? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 162

R&L reveal how they feel actually feel about watching sports, the psychology on why people tie themselves to a team or an athlete, and thoughts on LeBron …


  1. If the way you treat other people is impacted by the outcome of a sporting event it very clearly becomes unethical to invest that much mental energy in something which has no real importance. I've never seen a bad movie make a person be short with their loved ones. I have however seen people be short with their wife after their football team lost the big game and they were "in a bad mood". It's definitely not worth it at that point. If you can't disconnect your self worth from the outcome of a sporting event you shouldn't watch it.

  2. Anti-Lakers here too.✋
    Our team got sold though (RIP Sonics), but then I moved and though I moved back to where I have no local NBA team, I have a team to root for again. Go Jazz (Utah)!🏀
    But to answer your question, watching sports is definitely a waste of time when done in excess. I'm not a huge sports watcher anyway, and I'm mostly one for baseball–Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox all the way. ⚾
    Oh, and I can't forget: go Seahawks! 🏈

  3. Cycling is another sport that involves a long, a multi-day process and a lot of commitment to watch. When the Tour de France is on, my family lets it play in the background of whatever we're doing for days on end, but we do actually sit to watch it sometimes, too. We do both. It's such a long event that you can afford to do both.

  4. Nothing’s a waste of time if you enjoy it. Wasting time is one the best ways to get the stick out of your ass. It’s also one of the requirements you need for good mental health. If you can waste time at least for a little while, you’re not addicted, per se, to being productive. Otherwise, you’re a workaholic. You might not think you’re a workaholic if you’re not constantly needing to work at your official job, but, if you’re in constant need of doing something that can at least be considered moderately productive, you’re a workaholic.

  5. I'm going deep into the psychology of that venn diagram and saying people extremely into sports aren't very vocal online, as a demographic. My husband is very deep in that group. Watches vids by you guys sometimes before I do, but won't comment for any reason whatsoever.

  6. I’m a big golf guy and have enjoyed seeing tiger win the tour championship and be back in contention this year. So it’s really cool to hear that Rhett and his son are into golf too hahaha

  7. You're right I went from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers and if Rodgers joined another team I'd have a hard time not rooting for them. Even though I'm a long time Packers fan.

  8. There are actually times nowadays where there’s wrestling on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. And they all span from 2 to 8 hours long. Do I watch every second of it? Yes. Yes, I do.

  9. As a diehard sports fan, I gotta say that Rhett is wrong here saying that sports aren’t watched for entertainment. Personally, I follow professional sports and even though I don’t have a team that I’m dying for, I do have teams that I like due to connections like the Lakers. Saying that sports aren’t watched for entertainment is just wrong. I watch NBA games almost every night during the season. Do I do that to rage and because I can’t help it? No it’s cause I enjoy it. Some people of course enjoy it differently than others and that’s what Rhett is thinking when saying that. For example crazy college football fans are just dying for their team to win. That’s still entertaining but I’m a different way. However, most sports fans are not even that way. It’s a form of entertainment that I personally prefer over movies or TV because it extends to so much more (e.g. being part of a community, discussing outside of games, etc)

  10. I don’t think Rhett and Link can say watching sports is a waste of time, because the way I look at it athletes are just very talented athletic entertainers so for 2 entertainers to say it’s a waste of time just doesn’t make any sense

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