1. People actually think that you need to put in a chip in your body to advance technologically or in more biblical sense to carry out the devilish agenda.

    Your phone is already the chip you carry around. We have already been implanted with chips that transmit location, speed, personal data and ease of payment called Android pay or Apple Pay.

    Think about it… privacy is a myth now in days and governments can track you down with just your cell phone or the indirect chip implant. Even me writing this I sound crazy but I’m a Software Engineer and I grew up hacking ethically and building PCs out of nothing and this is all real.


    Have you ever asked your self how Google or map applications know road traffic all around the US and even the world? Your phone is used to determine speed traveled through roads and that is how they know traffic and locations.

    Ever wondered how your phone knows many things about you? Well…. it’s not only a communication device, it’s a constant learning process device that looks at trends and learns YOU!

    I’ll leave it at that…

  2. This comment section made me truly happy. If only all people on earth where as smart as you 🙂 I am NEVER going to get some chip in my hand, and if I got it against my will, I will cut off that hand as fast as possible. God be with you.

  3. Why did you do this you are doomed there is no mercy for you you fell for the Devils tricks people don't follow what this man did don't follow any fake religions. Jesus is lord Jesus is the way the truth and the life if you are Muslim please do more Reasearch on your religion it's fake it's made by the devil to deceive you guys ask Jesus are you Lord he will answer you their is no more time left we are the last generation Jesus is coming very soon he's at the door step please go to him before it's too late God bless you all

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