HOUSE PLANT TOUR || How to not kill your plant babies!!!

INDOOR HOUSE PLANT TOUR 2018!! Hope u enjoy seeing my lil plant babies- this isn’t all of them btw, there’s a few more that I already started moving to my …


  1. i have recently heard about people throwing away their plants because it was unhealthy and toxic and i honestly think its bullshit but what do you think is happening?
    p.s. i'm addicted to your videos

  2. I got so sad when I saw your happy string of pearls. I tried so hard to keep mine alive in the summer, and even tried to propagate her, but I failed miserably and she is no longer with me 🙁 Videos like these are likely a large pot that my current babies are happy and healthy

  3. Where did u get ur shirt !!!, every time I ask a YouTuber where they got their shirt they say they thrifted it because they don't wanna tell us where they got it 😭😭😭😭 then I end up finding where ! Pls tell me where it's frommmm it's tooooooo beautiful !

  4. I love plants so much but I have such a fear of bugs particularly small bugs and a fear of them crawling on me while I sleep! I've had plants in my room before but I had seen tiny little creepy crawlies on the leaves and in the soil which freaked me out soooo much and I just didn't want bugs in my bedroom because they scare me and my bedroom is my lovely safe sanctuary! Haha, any insight? I wish I wasn't afraid of bugs because I absolutely love plants and I would love to have some in my room

  5. I'm obsessed with propagating my plants. I had 1 terrarium jar with aluminum plants in it and they're so easy to propagate that I now have 8 terrarium jars and 4 pots with that plant in it.

  6. This was such a beautiful video!! I love my plant babes I only have 2 real ones and like 3 are fake but I recently found a local plant seller and I’m hoping to buy a few babes from her. My dracaena turns 1 this October and I’m so proud of him! He was my first baby and I’ve been a plant lady since then loool I’ve lost 3 real babes ( 2 succulents and my dog ate the other one) so I try to keep plants that require more care because like you, I over care for my succulents 🙁 maybe I should get a cacti too since you neglect it and it’s thriving 😂

  7. Dear Freya,
    I would love to See on your chanel a video about astrology. Maybe you could explain how it all works and share with us your thoughts on the topic? (sorry for my English if it's incorect 🙊)

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