Finding Wild Marijuana in the Himalayas of Nepal

Coming across wild cannabis (marijuana) while trekking in the Himalayas to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal. To watch Part 4 CLICK HERE: …


  1. some of the deepest steepest v shaped valleys in the himalaya. killer but it gets easier after day 3 and is ok to hinko cave at just over3000 m. we slept in the cave. it was good but after the altitude hits you .

  2. Why are you people always selling the image that nepal is a cheap destination? Like any other place in the world, value for money is the essential thing. In a country where almost everything needs to be imported, selling nepal as a budget destination makes no sense. Why don't you simply search for free-loading destinations? I've noticed that many young foreigners coming to nepal always have money to travel, drink and party but never enough to pay for accommodation!!! We want cheapasses out of our country!!!

  3. I heard a rumor about India having lost jungles of cannabis I heard if u go there u might not come back out because u will fall asleep there and die because of the polin in the air but don't know if it's true but really sounds believable to me . I would be cool if u can find a place like I described. I'm thinking only in heaven lol…

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