1. You really have your makeup on point , and I'm glad you can do things to enjoy yourself as you wait for the call for the double lung transplant. The children are too cute , God bless you and you have a wonderful wonderful day.

  2. ur a beautiful soul n god has his hands upon u….Florida hospitals have a special place in my heart…..that's where my brother received his kidney transplant so I know god has u in good hands….can't wait 4 u to get ur lungs😘😄

  3. I'm wondering about gofundme? So I have a heart condition, mitral valve regurgitation. I'm told lupus had a part in this. As it worsens I will need open heart surgery. New to the lupus line up is kidney involvement. I don't know? Maybe l should do this gofundme? Lupus is starting to take hold. l pray about all of it. God has guided me through a lot. ln 2011 l was in critical condition. When the doctors said no, God said yes. Amen. 🙂

  4. Hello just found your channel through watching Asha Sharron. Can you do a “My Story with Lupus and Pulmonary Fibrosis” and your signs and symptoms you had in the beginning and how they diagnosed you? God bless you and I will be praying for you as well, Take Care. 💕

  5. Hi👋 Sha, new subbie here! I found you this morning in the comments of our Dear friend Asha Sharron who has recently passed on…may God rest her soul❤ I will now be following your journey. I love your Beautiful spirit!!

    Please watch First Church of God Broadcast with Pastor Gino Jennings here on YouTube. The messages will Bless your soul❤

  6. Oh what type of celebration are you and your love ones going to have because I already know Praises will go to Father God, you have such a beautiful personality and let's not forget your talents, you make your own lip gloss," say what ", I wasn't ready for that, you know it's worth it in the end because I am sure this journey had some detours but you trust God to help you get around them, KEEP TRUSTING and we will keep on TRUSTING with you………..

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