Dr. Kent Hovind Q&A – Best Bible Edition, Suffering, Marijuana, Ring Species, Millennium, etc

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  1. Hi Hannah…I have a "brilliant" idea to increase Kents productivity. Every few broadcasts, he should remind the MORONS to search the video archives, to put an end to the constant repetition of questions. They're wasting everyone's time. The only exception is the people who ask questions about marijuana….for obvious reasons.

  2. I used to wonder why Jesus asked the people of his time how they knew how to avoid the coming destruction. Or hell. I was always really thinking Jesus was just a really mean and judgemental guy. "you generation of vipers"!! I was really hating that. Until I realized that he was talking to ME. Since we sided with Lucifer we became little snakes. Vipers. He paid the price for me getting out of hell. When I finally understood that I was finally free to accept the free gift of salvation. I accepted!!! What an awesome savior.

  3. About Marijuana: Your body isn't yours. It is the temple of the holy Spirit and you are destrying it by taking drugs and damaging your brain brain. Many witches in Jesus's time owuld take in narcotics to contact the spirit world as well. So there may also be a gateway to demonic entities when you take drugs and become high.

  4. To answer the question on marijuana, 1st Peter, 1st Timothy, 1st Thessalonians, Titus and many other books say to be sober – minded and watchful. Even during the time these books were written, there were many ways to get intoxicated besides using alcohol, marijuana included. The bible says many times not to drink and not to be drunk. But I believe God used these exact words of sober – minded to refer to anything that is mind altering. But, take it as you will.

  5. You show a lot of arrogance, while professing false names, that have a pagan origin. A man called you Mr. to which almost under your breath, responded Dr. Does that matter??

    Brother…take some time to see and realize that the Name of our Messiah is not named jesus nor Christ. You have learned a lot about the Man who is our Savior, but again, profess false Names. You know that Scripture states how important His Name is, as it says it over and over. Realize that all of religion is a part of lies…maybe what Scripture calls "Laodicea" even – do you study the ancient and modern Hebrew languages? It can teach a lot, brother.

  6. Just a thought: "No other name" but "Jesus Christ" in which we're saved. The name of the Messiah is Yahushua ha'Mashiach. When the angel spoke to Mary to name her child, he said to name him "Yahushua, because He (YHUH/YHWH/YHVH) will save ('shua/'sha) his people from their sins." The Hebrew name Yahushua gives the meaning, where as Jesus does not. So, with the "Jews not being saved"…are they saved when they believe in the one who saves us from our sins, YHUH? Not only that, the house of Judah never got divorced, like the house of Israel. The house of Israel needed to be remarried, hence, the death of the husband, Yahushua.

  7. I love how most of the people in this comment section are atheists. If you don't agree with Kent's views, then get off his videos. No one is making you watch them, but creating a fake account and a fake name to be troll, doesn't make you look smart. It makes you look stupid and immature. If i'm a Christian, and believe in God, doesn't mean i'm delusional or brainwashed. I've researched every single religion, and also researched and studied Evolution, and I know there's no evidence for it. Everytime I ask an evolutionist for evidence, they can't prove it. And second, IF anyone needs to show evidence, it's the evolutionists/atheists. Christianity has been around since the very beginning. The "theory" has only been around since 1860's. So don't comment on here, saying Christians are delusional, and brainwashed. XD Open your eyes, and see the truth.If you reply to me, don't expect me to respond, I don't have time to deal with childish people.

  8. Our body has a system of endocannabinoids, that alone tells a story, which cannabis connects to like a key in a lock 🙂
    Also, from my understanding when researching, the Holy Anointing Oil, has an ingredient, which in english, is translated to sweet calamus(which may be poisonous), or as it is in original Hebrew, Kaneh bos, which sounds more like cannabis, just food for thought 🙂

  9. What did sharks eat before adam and eve sinned? Why did god give them such huge teeth and powerful jaws? What about crocodiles? It's almost like god knew the world was going to fall apart.

    Also, why were adam and even allowed to eat plants? Plants are just as alive as any other animal.

  10. For such an intelligent and well meaning man, you sure can be ignorant on human nature. You want to equate welfare to blackmail. If only we could rely on the generosity of others to help the sick and needy? But that wont happen. People are too self centered and the churches couldn't keep up with demand, especially where the sick are concerned. We would have people dying in the streets on a daily basis. It would look like a third world country.

  11. The Bible confirms evolution 100%!
    Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17
    Come to faith in Jesus Christ and you will evolve as well!

  12. Where is gods word preserved for those who does not speak english? My grandparents don´t speak english but would love to read gods word. For an example, Hovind said that in the KJV god told Noah to come into the ark instead of go into the ark and that all other english versions got it wrong.

    However, every single german and swedish translation uses the word go into the ark. Does this mean that germans and swedes can´t get a hold of gods word unless they speak english? Why would god do that?

  13. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder
    Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, auditory hallucinations, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and lack of motivation. Diagnosis is based on observed behavior and the person's reported experiences.

  14. You know, if Obama can go in and release drug dealers, and take their felony charge from their permanent record, why can't yours be removed? That is ridiculous, and is for 'breaking' the most ignorant 'law' of which I have ever heard. God bless you, Dr. Hovind.

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