Customers roll into Winnipeg cannabis stores for the first time

The buzz around the first day of pot legalization started bright and early today in Winnipeg with hundreds of people lining up outside cannabis stores. To read …


  1. Ok let's make one thing clear the stuff there selling is so old that it turns to powder as soon as you touch it and there grading on t.h.c. levels are a joke the black market had nothing to worry about and who ever is growing this is a joke it's only good for oils unless you never smoke it before then it's ok but that is it but anyway have a great day or night hey love you son

  2. LOL! Cannabis advocate – "I not only wanted to be the first in line for the historic value of it but I wanted to make sure that the information about cannabis that I have been giving people has been accurate and credible." Thank you for your service.

  3. The quintessential Canadian – lined up for his next bag of weed. I've never seen such patriotic fervor in Canada before like that shown over the legalization of pot.. Not for our armed forces, not for our hockey, not for our other great Canadian achievements.

  4. CANADA as many nations Saying to the God The Father: (WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE YOUR CHAINS OR RESTRAINS OR YOUR PROHIBITIONS) Like a Prodigal Son. left Father's Home where he was safe and love.

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