Cardboard as a weed block pro’s and con’s

A break down on the pro’s and con’s of using cardboard as a weed block. What I have found , is that it does block grass and weeds .It also decomposes …


  1. I wonder if the slugs would be hiding elsewhere in your garden if you didn't have the cardboard down. At least you can now pick them off and dispose of them in one fell swoop.

  2. We moved into a home and we have a 30×30 ft spot the previous owners used for their dogs area. Gravel, and weeds last ve in this area. My thoughts are landscape fabric, with cardboard on top of that and new soil. Any thoughts or tips to help? We want grass in this area.

  3. The Slugs like the sugar from the cardboard, pulp is sweet, that's easy peezee to figure out. Leafy greens Good Tip Basically It Should be used for entrance way for Weed Block, so no weed wacker time and cost

  4. Slugs are NOT attracted to the cardboard, the reason they're there, is because the cardboard is now providing a home for them, it is dark, humid and cozy under those layers, so they now live there more comfortably along with other insects that also love the same environment and conditions, what you need to do, is to "mulch" I notice that you just lay your cardboard and that's it, you need to also much, mulch does makes it harder for slugs to crawl around, and if you can mulch with Cocoa Shells, it's even better, since slugs and snails hate Cocoa shells, also you can set a slug-trap and reduce the population by setting a small jar with beer half way full, the slugs can't resist and they will jump in the jar, fall and drown, but FYI, no, the cardboard does not attract slugs, it just provides a perfect environment for them to live under!

  5. Well the slugs must already have been there, before the cardboard arrived for them to hide under.
    Sounds like a good deal to me. You only have to lift it up and sprinkle those guys with that marvellous golden liquid fertiliser that every person produces 1/2 gallon of per day. Slug trap supreme!

  6. I was considering using cardboard to kill grass around an older pin oak, then mulch over the cardboard. Any cons for this application? I’d use newspapers but I can’t find them anymore!

  7. I've done this for years and it works great. I have never had issues with slugs. I put straw over the cardboard. The cardboard helps prevent weeds, keeps the ground moist and also helps to walk in the garden when it's muddy. It breaks down and is easy to till under in the fall or next spring.

  8. I had a bamboo grass problem, nothing would get rid of it. It was an absolute pest. I used cardboard , and put a thick layer of manure and compost over the top of the cardboard. It worked. It has been 9 months and no more bamboo grass. Plus I was able to plant sweat peas and snap dragons over the top and still had an awesome looking garden. Also had no problems at all with slugs, but then again it was covered over completely. I think it depends on how you use it, as to how effective it is though. Like I said worked for me.

  9. The cardboard would be better covered with woodchip , grass clippings or leafmould. It makes it look better plus the thicker layer keeps the moisture in the soil specially after rain.

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