Cannabis News – North Dakota Will Vote on Recreational Legalization | Ep. 202 | 8-14-2018

Joe Klare discusses adult use legalization qualifying for the ballot in North Dakota, a new PSA out of Massachusetts and problems for medical marijuana …


  1. Thanks for the information. I will do my research and find the proposition and read up on all it entails.
    I know I'm just wishing upon stars that it will become legal in North Dakota, but we have to try. I also hope that if it is legalized, our court system will go through each case and drop all charges for possession, as long as there was no violent crime committed along with the charges.
    If it's legalized it should be a win win for everyone. We can have our roads and schools paid for, along with giving teachers the pay they deserve. I thought this would have happened with the oil coming from the western part of the state, but that's why I'm voting for a new tax commissioner in November.

  2. Terrible video. Title supposedly about North Dakota legalization but doesn't mention the proposition at all and what it details. Lol wow. Only reads 1 article and can't even do some solid research. No subscribe for you

  3. Becareful of what you wish for. You just might get it. Governments are con artist. They make you think they are giving you something that you want when the reality is that they are giving you something they want. Legalization will lead to more convictions. More convictions equals more revenue. Thc stays in your system for two weeks. If you get pulled over and you happened to smoke within those two weeks you are and will be subject to arrest and will be found guilty if DUI. Defending yourself will coat you money. Your insurance will go up. The road side test police give to determine wether you are higg or not are not in your favor. Also! If police says he suspects you of being high you have no right. He can search and seaze your property without due process. Im for legalization. I just dont want to make a deal with the devil(government)
    Legalization will ruin more lives that if weed was to stay illigal. Mark my words.

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