1. It is a good product. Great for people who have a busy lifestyle, live in an apartment, or just want fresh foods or herbs. I got my Aerogarden (this one) around holiday time so it was some $$ bucks. It does great growing the plants,>>>t.co/XQf2LXinzA    you just have to trim and keep up with them or they can get very big (good thing!). I got this for my mom for christmasand she loved it. It is also good for starting seedlings if outside conditions arn't good or it's too cold.

  2. hey there

    so my husband and I and doing the same thing. We topped it so it can grow width wise but it almost the top of the light and it can't extend anymore. Can we transfer to a pot an it still grow health and would we need to make our own tent with light and fan?what do you recommend?

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