1. when im on a mission to get high my DIY skills are on point, and then when high i can legit sniff out food from miles away bro i always have the best munchibules

  2. Weed doesn't make you more creative, I know from experience since I write short stories for fun and found weed just makes me write like a dummy.

    It's really popular because it has relatively few downsides (they exist its not sunshine and happiness in plant form) and is absurdly cheap and best of all it's a downer so you're less likely to hop in your car to chase down the ghost of Adolf Hitler into oncoming traffic.

  3. You seem to know a bit about drugs, this just knowledge from experience my man? or you just some drug geek looking into the sciences at a safe distance
    either way, i find this vids entertaining and fun so keep them up!

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