1. So I use an e-nail that I keep set to 650. In the article refrenced it mentioned specifically in the 900 range. So I would imagine that would be more than in the clear? Some of my friends take theirs at around 500. What do you think is better? Unfortunately using a titanium ATM. Just harder to get quartz bangers that fit the coil correctly.

  2. I can't get that awesome head rush at low temp though 🙁

    …I'm probably killing brain cells or something in order to get that temporary head rush and tunnel vision effect admittedly.

  3. Thanks bro i just got my own rig always used to dab off of friends rigs at their place but been a few weeks now owning my own with no advice and im noticing i was taking some high temp dabs thankz to this vid ima do 35 with a timer thanks bro💪💯

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