1. Considering you grew lettuce which does NOT flower or produce fruit… its perfectly logical that it DOESNT need red light which is important for flowering and "fruiting"and not vegetation and most full spectrum leds have 60-70% of red led diodes… Just saying.. You should do some fruit grow actually … If you did send a link

  2. let clear this up for you fools , white light contains all the color spectrums in it get a COB light in 3500K or 4000K it will grow anything from VEG to flower perfectly over and over, I grew 4.1 ounces of cannabis with one single 54wat 3500k COB light using 120* lens. I dont get why people have overthink shit it's retarded. just DO NOT BUY IT FROM "OPTIC GROW LIGHTS" the owner rips people off marking up lights made in china for $98 to $249 US.

  3. Increased chlorophyll production generally indicates that the plants weren't getting enough light. That suggests that the plants weren't able to make use of the red/blue light as efficiently.

  4. You could ryn a test that starts with white spectrum and then switches to multi-spectrum. Say 1/3 white to start then go the remaining 2/3 to finish. Maybe even go half and half. Just a curiosity.

  5. wait so if i want to use grow lights cause of bad weather to grow plants indoors for a few weeks (3 weeks) so i can start transplanting them outside (i dont need the fruits yet just healthy transplant able plants) is it ok to use all blue lights? just wanted to make sure cause im about to buy 4 32wat all blue light led grow lights.

  6. Folks, this would happen with any plant; including those that "flower" or "bud". The reason the white led promoted better growth is because plants are more responsive to whiter lights during growth. The red/blue/white led is ideal for flowering.

  7. for all the ppl that will call me incorrect the white light is actually all colors of light combined so with the colored led you are actually limiting the radiation from that spectrum Visible light waves are the only electromagnetic waves we can see. We see these waves as the colors of the rainbow. Each color has a different wavelength. … White light is actually made of all of the colors of the rainbow because it contains all wavelengths, and it is described as poly-chromatic light

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