When to harvest marijuana buds?

cannabis harvest Right time to harvest your medicine? I usually wait until I see 5-10% amber trichomes Indicas tend to be a more body stone so you do not have …

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  1. i have some white widow plants that look like there ready to harvest but im not sure how to tell . Some of the tricomes look amber at the tips ,while some look milky and some looks clear as day . should i wait till all tricomes are amber or cloudy or should i harvest now? ive been in flower for at least 13 weeks . ive given the plants just water (ph) when the soil gets dry. this is my first grow . i predict that i might get about 4 ounces out of my one plant and maybe 3 out of the other. ive made a few mistakes along the way . my gorrila glue didnt tuirn out the way i wanted it becouse it cought root rot late inthe flowering stage . I have since chopped down the gg#4 and its drying now but the buds didnt grow . i have a lot of branches and a lot of small nuggets the size of a #2  pencil eraser. thats not normal at all for this plant but hey its my first grow .ive noticed that the root was a little brownish on one side of the base root and the other side looked healthy . i think it was the fox farms fertizer i used. never using that again . i bought necter for the gods bundle . hope my next grow is bigger and better. uhh any tips bro?

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