What tourists need to know about pot legalization in Canada

Marijuana became legalized across Canada on Oct. 17. However, there are rules tourists need to follow since the Canadian laws surrounding marijuana differ …


  1. You can't have 2 nanograms in your system when swabbed and taken in. 2 nanograms may be in your system 3 to 5 or more days after smoking a good joint. then when you fail that they impound your car for 7 days and suspend your licence for 7 days witch cost about $1200 and also a $250 fine the second offence includes 30 day minimum sentence the third includes a 120 day sentence oh and the fines keep going up for more offences. so basically if you smoke cannabis your not allowed to drive ever legally unfortunately. Oh and if its a rental car no clue what fees may include. Look up bill c-45 in canadian laws before you smoke anything is best it has 45 new laws witch include upto 14 years in jail for the more serious offences and massive fines for other things yay legalization i call it lawzilization. Oh and i'm also hearing a lot of not so happy customers after buying the legal cannabis with low weight and generally not so good buzz and flavour.

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