U.S. Customs and Border Protection on pot legalization in Canada

U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Detroit hold a press conference regarding the Canadian legalization of marijuana and what people seeking to cross the …


  1. When I first thought of going to the States after 30 years of avoiding it. I thought about Colorado or some state that treats people normally when it comes to pot. I chose to fly over it to the DR or Mexico instead because the States are a prison machine!.

  2. Oh how embarrassing! Law makers have always made these colossal mistakes. History will reference these individuals once legalization hits the U.S. as suppressing the average citizen. It really works in the average person's favor to show examples like this, that police and law makers only annihilate humanity. They are there to protect Corporate and Banking interest! I would only hope they would make more embarrassing video's like this. They do it for money, they do it to survive…

  3. So my question is, if they ban a Canadian for life, then say 4 years down the road its legalized here, will they be unbanned? Because really, inevitably, that Canadian should just be banned until we finally legalize it on the federal level, right… Because it will, be legal, one day.

  4. Lie, or don't lie. The end result is the same. Whether you smoked yesterday or 50 years ago, the CBP will ban you for life. Americans will be taking more vacations to Canada. And because the CBP is now assuming every single Canadian citizen is a pot smoker and you must prove your innocence, more Canadians will be staying home or travelling the world, excluding the US.

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