1. Can I catch a break Youtube…Oh we don't censor Trump supporters…liars:

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  2. You are so right about greedy people using a bunch of ads on their video! It's so annoying and if I start to watch a video, and if it has more than 2 ads, maybe one, I just close it and stop watching it! And what's really stupid is, when you start to watch a video and it's only 10 minutes long, but has about 3 ads in it! I love President Trump! I saw him not too long ago on an interview, and he said that he has never touched a drop of alcohol, so he must feel different about weed though! lol

  3. I am for legalizing all of it…Big Pharma will suffer.  Dr's charge too much money. I am a minister and know the Balm of Gilead in the Bible was Cannabis. If used properly it is less harmful than Alcohol. If people could grow their own they wont get gmo. I do not do this myself just to clarify…but for those that need it and a lot of people do…they should have access to it.  [email protected]gmail.com

  4. Kratom works wayyyyyyyy better for pain than weed …….. weed intensifies the pain for me . kratom is natural and non addicting and i mix a few teaspoons in a 1/4 cup of coffee…….. leaf of life botanicals has the best quality and they are legit . i know the owner well from all the ordering ive done and the facebook group . try the red strains for pain (the other strains , white & green dont do shit for my pain ) ……… 2 grams (2 teaspoons ) feels like a roxie 30mg + a 5mg valium + a mood enhancer . try it if you are hurting and see if it's right for you . the DEA is slowly making it illegal state by state because of big pharma

  5. Cannabis was put here by God. It is the all healing plant. Jesus used it in his anointing oil. I'm not saying that smoking it is healthy, but taking it through foods and tintures is. Humans has a endocannibinodial system for a reason.

  6. here the police are overjoyed that cannabis is legal. Now they can devote their resources to meth and other more harmful crimes. Bigger crimes are better for the bottom line of the station. "The bigger the bust, the better the … hmmmm can't remember the end of that line from cheech and chong movie….. lol puufff puuufff….. bigger the boost? hmmmmm

  7. I've said for years that when the government comes out and takes the fed ban off, that Monsanto will have created their crypto strain! They will only allow you to get it from certain vendors, who will have to have gotten it from a certain farm… With Nestlé, whom we all know is corrupt, will claim they have organic marijuana, when in fact it would be "their own organic" from Monsanto. They will call it organic… Anyways… Just sayin!!

  8. grow yourself, the more people smoke THEIR OWN weed, Babylon/confusion falls more rapidly. Nowhere in the Scripture or in the universal law it is stated that rising your concious/high is immoral or criminal. Voila, boom patat and gone…

  9. Ive always take4n the reptillian thing with a pinch of salt until i realised that demons could be reptillians. Ive had a long stream of bad luck and became convinced of an evil demon upon my shoulder screwing up everything i do and then feeding on my enegative energy. It sounds silly but I made a statement that i refuse to have my energy leached upon because it is my energy. Then i suffered a severe back ache for a day, then i felt much more positive and empowered after that. Do you think that could have been an interdimensional reptillian? or was it pshycological? Its been there years, and now i made a decision it seems to be gone. I had also recently been unexpectedly 'enlightened' recently as to the multidemsional sapect of reality and the nature of the 'god' during a particularly bad comedown from a long term addiction.

  10. in az the person that donated the most against the legalization ballot referendum was a millionaire from colorado who did not like what was happening there and decided that az did not need it-from colorado not az-and it was legal for him-its also very possible that that millionaire had investments in the production and distribution commercial side-those guys dont want it-it cuts into their profits-it should be legal to grow your own-then you know what you are growing and using for medicine-clean and healthy-BUT IT MUST BE LEGAL TO GROW YOUR OWN-ANYTHING ELSE IS MONEY FOR THE CORPS AND BANKERS-there is more-but if your disabled-elderly and on small pension you cannot afford the legal medical marijuana license-for doctor and state=400 us dollars and then go to dispensary-not many and far away-over 50 miles when you live rural and then you pay by the gram-very expensive-dont know had med license for 3 years and in beginning was able to grow-then they changed the law-due to complaints from commercial growers and no longer able to grow your own-then that a-hole from colorado undermined the az referendum and it just got worse not better for those who use it as medicine-there is so much corruption-greed-in the world of business and politics and yes even religion-and its esp evident in usa-sad-vietnam did its damage to a whole generation-who fought and died in a war of greed in the name of corp freedom- but as a friend-veteran reminded me that during his stay-his commander recommended smoking weed-for the stress and relief

  11. God made marijuana ok Christian folks. It will shrink a tumour in months. He would be very unhappy watching y'all die man made CANCER ok…sorry did I just hear you say semen cakes Kinni??? 😝

  12. 12…the number of Arkansas state troopers ordered to unload pounds of pot from Clinton's private plane as per my eye witness's statement. They were jailing the competition the fuckers! Info passed on to potus then he released the pot nanna 🤣

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