‘The stigma ends tonight’ says first person who bought recreational marijuana legally in Canada

Ian Power, the first person to purchase recreational marijuana legally in Canada at the stroke of midnight said, “The stigma ends tonight, prohibition has ended …


  1. You know what I noticed about the lineups for pot ? The people looked normal ! There were no malnurished raving lunitics . They are the people in your neighborhood to coin a lyric from a old Sesame Street song that some of the baby-boomers might remember .

  2. This is not legalization, this is Monopolization/Prohibition 2.0, We went from 8 laws on the books to 45 laws, regulations that are suffocating and nonsensical. Treating it like alcohol is outright insanity. Letting the government run this, well if its like the pipelines, then this should be corrupt and disfunctional in no time, and is starting to show already. When Bill Blair was asked a few weeks ago about existing dispensaries and the legality of those business, his response was " On October 17 is when we will start to arrest those people" Think about that for a second, "when its legal we will start arrests". Yah legalization my a** selfies, socks and a head full of rocks

  3. ‘Twas the night before it was legal,full bag of Doritos through out the house,everyone was sure to have the munchies prob even the little mouse,had my buds nicely hanging in the garage on my chair ,seen some smoke from the door and thought it was rare ,I flung open the door to see what was the matter ,there my buddy Newfie had a bowl full of shatter !!!

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