Stop Premature Ejaculation | How NoFap Makes You Last LONGER

Debunking the common idea that masturbation helps you to “train” yourself to last longer in bed. By masturbating to train for sex, you are essentially training your …


  1. I started nofap exactly 98 days ago after watching your videos. I just stopped watching porn from day 1 and on day 8 I joined the gym. At the time when I started NoFap and Gym my BMI was below normal for my height, I was under weight and very skinny, used to be fatigued all the time, used to masturbate to porn everday once since three years, I used to skip my work frequently and my nutrition was really bad, my back was slouching and I had a winged scapula. I was searching on YouTube about how to stop jerking off and found your channel somehow. I couldn't do even a single pushup on the first day I joined the gym, just one week in gym I learned to do pushups, not just that, I was able to do 20 pushups continuously for the first time in my life. One month in I went to take an upper body massage, I saw my gainz clearly in the mirror when I removed my shirt and It felt great. I realized that NoPMo can really change my life. It just hit me after watching your videos. You motivated me to get off my ass and make the change. 84 days in and I relapsed to porn. After fapping I felt the harm it did to me. It felt really bad. Now I am on strict NoPmo day 17. I have decided to be very strict on nofap this time as I broke my 84 day record the last time. So yesterday night I completed 3 months in the gym. Now my BMI is normal 😀 I have increased about 8 kilograms in 3 months, and my winged scapula is gone, my posture is improved, I always stand straight now with my chest up, I am no more fatigued now. People have been noticing the gainz I made, I am in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically, I eat healthy everyday, and I have not skipped even a day since I joined the gym instead of sundays when the gym is closed. I have got to give the credit to you Greg Strattner Jr. You changed my life man 🙏☺️ Cheers 🍻

  2. 30 seconds used to be the longest I can reach because of my Premature ejaculation problems. My performance improved to Ten minutes once I tried the early ejaculation treatment “fetching jonto site” (Google it) in the 1st night. Truth be told, this simple book is far more reliable than the others..

  3. There is certainly this “fetching jonto site” premature ejaculation therapy I uncovered on Google that I started to try a couple of weeks after I started normal sex with my partner. Right after a week, my sweetheart said to me there was much big difference about how long I survived and asked how I was executing it. That thought felt wonderful! Try this technique and see on your own!..

  4. This premature ejaculation treatment “fetching jonto site” (Google it) is definitely genius, I can`t thank you enough. My past relationships had not worked out due to this problem. I`m able to last 3-4 minutes utmost. I tried every thing in this plan with my present lover, I had been able to go for just under 1 hour in my first try..

  5. Because of this problem, I could only reach 30 seconds optimum. My performance improved to 10 minutes once I used the early ejaculation therapy “fetching jonto site” (Google it) in the first night. Truth be told, this simple book is way more dependable than others..

  6. Experiencing numerous outcome of other guy’s encounter with the premature ejaculation treatment method “fetching jonto site” that one could find in Google is amazing. Right now, I could state that I`m much better in bed and my self-esteem enhanced for doing it. I could now last for twenty minutes unlike my previous Five minute performance..

  7. Sounds like you discovered Greyzar Drinbo’s website, didn't you? It's potent stuff right? Doesn't matter how bad you think your PE is, you can easily last 30-45 minutes in bed with a set of techniques you can begin today.

  8. Well spoken Greg. Sex is so much better on no fap. No fap cures premature ejaculation. I also do kegels daily because your pc muscles get weak because you don t masturbate. When i am about to cum during sex i can contract my pc muscle ( kegel) and wait for a few seconds and go on with sex. Also kegels make my erections quality much better. And i can have dry orgasms doing kegels which is also a nice experience.

  9. Great vid like always!! When i used to watch porn i noticed i would always try to finish when with a partner. Also, little suggestion.. i know this is a personal development channel, but you should do some sort of storytelling video in the future. People would digg it! #NoFapWarriors

  10. Good satisfying home cooked meals pretty high up there with sex. I also think there is a limit to how much sex is good but it is not the same for everyone. I think I'd be very happy with 2 nights/ week. I got other things to do.

  11. My gf takes adderoll (prescribed) so it takes a bit longer for her than me so I usually apply some foreplay before we penetrate and we don’t use condoms so I trying to last longer than nature wants to allow

  12. Well said bro.
    1000% right, when i went like 20 days once, everything i did with a during sex was special. It becomes about the process rather than the goal.

    Guys that have premature ejaculation can please a woman by focusing on her a bit more, foreplay is so important, if a guy can make a woman cum but he cums quick. She really doesn't care. She just doesnt like guys that are selfish.

    Anyways another great advice video bro. Have a killer day. 🤙👊

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