Raleigh police arrest mom after Facebook video shows baby smoking pot

The Raleigh Police Department has arrested the mother of the baby seen smoking in a viral video on Facebook. Complete story here: …


  1. A new arrest made of a mom in North Carolina this week for giving 3 young children 1,2&3 years old marijuana blunts woman named Michaela Pearson, the video was also posted on Facebook!

  2. Why are people freaking out over a kid smoking pot? We're all born with an endocannabinoid system that needs the cannabinoids from cannabis for proper development. The most critical time in a humans life for consuming cannabis is as an infant! The only child abuse in this situation is Child Protective Services denying this child both it's parents as well as the nutrients necessary for proper development. Did anybody think that maybe this is a mother that cares deeply enough to go against the status quo for her child's future health?

  3. Weed should be banned. I'm tired of all these people defeding it. all it does is make you more angry and kills brain cells. so of course if they smoke weed they would do some dumb shit like this.

  4. this is disgusting and so wrong my hearts breaks for this poor baby such scumbags i hope you get what you deserve trying to take that babys innocents away i hope you rot… THIS WORLD HAS GONE TO SHIT!!

  5. I love how these white folks so quick to arrest a black or Kill a black but do all possible and necessary for their own to be safe and secure and let's not forget to throw in mental-illness for their actions this women could have problems of her own but white people don't care lol gotta love it

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