1. I was just thinking about taking a week off Facebook and evaluating how I felt during and after. I feel like it would be really positive to my well being and productivity.

  2. I thought your issue was alcohol due to all the light drinking/bar tending videos but it turns out it’s social media. Can you really not run your business without Facebook or Instagram? Can you not delegate those tasks to a virtual assistant? Is it really true that you can’t stop looking at social media for one week only?

  3. I love this video, it inspired me to focus more on what I'm trying to create and less on how much time I "should" be spending on social media if I want my business to grow. Honestly, my business hasn't even launched yet because I've spent so much time "researching" business advice and tips on social media.

    I love the idea of a detox…to be honest, I love the idea of only getting on social during office hours and pretending I don't have social media after 5pm.

  4. 24 hours is something I do once a week (actually closer to 48). I’ve been known to do weeks at a time but that works best when I have a virtual assistant holding down the fort. The frustrating part is the algorithm and it basically “punishing” someone for having good work/life boundaries and not being on every day or all day by lowering their reach. This is why I prefer YouTube actually – it doesn’t punish you for not getting on during your vacay. 😂

  5. Omg Erin! I absolutely am loving these videos! I really hope your having fun because I love you showing your mini journeys here on the lessons and things that truly help. Thank you again Erin! So inspiring ✨✊🏻💪🏼✨💕

  6. About once or twice a year I have to shut down my accounts temporarily. I am always struggling with the need to check what’s going on. I don’t even know I do it sometimes. I wish you luck in building boundaries.

  7. Social media detoxes are essential for my mental health. I need to do one soon. I've really become absorbed within Youtube, particularly since I have started vlogging regularly. But I feel my mind asking for some more rest. And I'm going to give it to it.

    One habit that I used to have that I want to return to is that social media is not allowed in my life until I accomplish certain tasks for the day (start the day right, do one task I'm avoiding, write 10k words). It really helped me stay on focus.

  8. I drastically cut down my social media consumption because I found that having this constant subconscious absorption of other people's lives was really draining me. I was suffering from information overload and definitely needed a break. I find that I feel so much lighter and am more focused on what I need to do in my own life. Hopefully you can find ways to integrate this more into your life. Thanks Erin!

  9. I did actually permanently delete my instagram 3 years ago, and I haven't looked back since. It has CHANGED MY LIFE. It truly is possible to do, and to be consistent with. You just have to know what things are best to replace it with that help you live a happier, healthier, more productive life! 🤗

  10. Quitting Facebook / Instagram for only 24hrs? Oh come on… even though your business depends on social media – no one needs this constant content via Insta Stories – mostly it is just bla bla bla.

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