1. Heavenly Father I am lifting Jason up to you right now Jesus! Heal him completely from all addiction. He is so loved and so amazing. Open his eyes to see how much he is loved by You Jesus! Open his eyes and show him how much he is loved by us! You have big awesome amazing plans to use him for your glory God. He has a way to speak to people and to prophecy over people and I pray for complete healing by the blood on the cross in the name of Jesus! Amen! Love you Jason!

  2. I quit Kratom twice and relapsed both times right around where your at now. I completely empathize with what your feeling. It’s exhausting feeling down and depressed even after you feel like your doing EVERYTHING right. I wish I would’ve just pushed thru!!!! Your one step closer to being free entirely! Fill that schedule up bro! Keep busy, start training Mua Thai again, write raps, stay around friends & family! Those help the best. That idle time seems to be where the devil (along side with your sin nature get BUSY). Anyways, I hope that helps man. Seeing your perseverance has helped more people than you realize! Please keep going!!

  3. Bringing tears to my eyes talking about ur brothers like that. Also, U have the right mindset and will! U are doing amazing! Resist the devil and he WILL flee from u. A Promise of God & its true! Some days it feels like moving forward in slow motion, but its still moving forward and thats where u wanna be. Ur winning Jason! U have so much wisdom & insight. Also, to help with that ‘self thinking’—it helps to like, help other people in some way. Volunteer somewhere or be random. It helps you to ‘think of yourself less’ (not to be confused with ‘thinking less of yourself’). Keep up the good work! God bless your heart Jason. —Sheila 🙂

  4. No brother, you don't want to come to the dark side again and you know it. That temptation is the Devil trying to pull you back. The devil hates that you have come this far clean and wants you back. Keep going forward, you are highly aware of the journey you are on. Keep posting please you are helping me gain the confidence to start my own journey

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