1. Hmm the lyrics lack the subtle artistry Zack de la rocha brought to the blood pumping music these guys can drone out. Fun for a listen or two but I need the deeper more applicable meanings to keep coming back for more.

  2. Was Trump the result of Mohamed – The Roman Empire (Before it became Holy?) – Stalin – Hitler – Cruschev – Pol Pot – Fidel Castro – Mao Se Tung… Kim Jong Il – Bill Clinton… Saddam Hussein – Osama Bin Laden – George Bush (father + son)… Barak Obama – Every Contemporary, Misguided popular musician who supports oppressive, totalitarian, dictatorial, facist, racist, socialist and communist leaders and their regimes, past and present?…

    I don't know (Not!)… Maybe it's just me?…

  3. Im in love engaged to and having a child with a beautiful strong black woman so this song hits me uber hard UNFUCK THE WORLD "when injustice becomes law,rebellion becomes duty" Ian Mckellan

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