NBC News Signal – October 18th, 2018

On tonight’s show, we trace the spy novel-esque evolution of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s story – how did we get here? As Asian-American students’ …


  1. The biggest difference between Trump and anyone else is that Trump has contempt for everyone else on the planet except himself. The only one he works hard for is himself. Whereas, Warren consistently has worked hard to become informed about issues and to resolve problems. That's not something that Trump can do running around on a golf cart. My deceased husband had Black Foot female relatives through his mother and grandmother, but he believed that there was no benefit in putting in the work to identify himself as Native American. I believe that all of this "Pocahontas" stuff from Trump is just further evidence of his general ignorance and is disrespectful of our history, of Warren and of Native Americans.

  2. 779 Billion in the Red ……… 779 Billion in the Red ……… 779 Billion in the Red, Don't worry though your kids & grand kids are the only ones who will ( Pay Trumps Bills ) 779? that's just 2018 Alone

  3. This was great guys, please keep up the good work. I really enjoy getting nbc “quality” news through this medium, now I don’t have to only watch through cable. But we still love you Lester. Also the segment that utilized the “investigators timeline” technique was a good way of breaking the segments of the story up while tying the entire picture together. Thank you.

  4. Kashogi bit with the black tape crazed conspiracy theory timeline….what a crap-tastic segment. Do Not use this concept to explain Any story. It screams amateur, straight loony bin and completely undermines any news story effort at truth and clarity. Worse…normalizing this visual effect casts validity on the general application of whacky conspiracies. You are doing far more harm than you realize in eroding the trust and faithfulness of legitimate news. Stop this before it becomes a thing.

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