1. It's legal to grow your own. If you don't like the overpriced stuff, grow your own. Give it some time. By next summer there will be more competition and multiple sources to buy it. Prices will come down. If prices don't drop, we will grow our own. Give it some time. It's all good! We are the second country to legalize fully. There are still some bullshit conditions to overcome but we are ahead of most of the world.

  2. weed was $10 a gram back in the 90s. Id bet that its really more because of the raise in minimum wage. It caused inflation. Costs have to be covered and get passed around. Including the cost of the production of weed.

  3. I came to find that illegally sourced weed was often imbued with a negative spiritual charge…if you believe such a thing is possible. I look forward to growing my own organically if it's ever legal in Aus.

  4. 8:32 i heavily disagree with the concept that enjoying things/ having attachment to things on earth is detrimental to a peaceful afterlife or spirituality as a whole…can one not appreciate these things and still look forward to what comes next? (not arguing with you obvi just arguing with buddhism and hinduism or something) and as far as laziness associated with weed, it seems to be the same as potential problems with legal things like food, television, coffee, etc, it can expand or limit the mind depending on how you use it.

  5. Its all about the $$$. I agree this will not end well. Big pharma, Monsanto, Stocks, Government (Get DWI while smoking)? License and taxes Ect. The list goes on and on. I hope to still only smoke black market or grow my own. Like organic food? "organic food". When did it become non-organic? Well I prefer organic weed. Sad really.

  6. I enjoyed the video even though I don't need weed I get high on Bitcoin! FTS there is something that I feel strongly about ,that's prostitution . I don't get it why the government can tell people who they can sleep with and if they can or can not charge. All women charge in some way shape or form. I guess they want us all stressed up and uptight so we will work better in our slave wage jobs. Maybe for the same reason that they outlaw
    weed. The Rothchilds and WARburgs must be behind this. Anyway to finish I'm glad the folks like yourself will be able to enjoy a little HIERBA in peace even if you have to pay a little more for it

  7. I've personally seen that marijuana is helpful for people like us and then it has a horrible downside to the majority of society. There's just no other way of acknowledging it for me, I have no problems if not even more interest and abilities while influenced by marijuana ,but every other single person I've ever come in contact with they just go stupid and lazy it's the weirdest thing .I've only personally met a couple people that are like me and you in this sense. It really seems like most people just want to smoke and zone out. I personally don't smoke weed anymore because of the personal conviction of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not because somebody told me I had to but because I've been moved to stop. And as you are probably well aware most all Masters and all religious teachers will tell you things along the lines of perfection involves perfection, So if you're tainting what God created, there's no way for it to be perfected . I've chosen to seek a mastered perfection in my life through Jesus Christ ,when I claimed that the Holy Spirit said to me that I lack one thing and that is my bondage to marijuana. After being a heavy smoker since age 11 , I'm now 35 , quite to my surprise when I decided okay I'm going to stop this there was no issues for me. But I totally don't knock marijuana as that as I've said and you have stated it has a lot of potential. Unfortunately where I live I see it just tearing people down right left ,I literally watch them just turn to a cross eyed space heads right before my eyes.

  8. I'm in Oregon and when it first started here to dispensaries were only a few and the prices were fairly High I felt the same way still cheaper to get it illegally but that changed over time the prices slowly went down and then competition finally kicked in and now there's a pot store literally every block if not, 2 stores every single block and you can get an ounce of weed for 30 bucks, not even that $29.99 LOL

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