1. A long time ago there was a book written about this subject…and yes you can get hooked off laced weed…thats why her friend did it..we used to call them pumpers leads to being a full crack head

  2. P.S when we know a demon for an ample of time, know or feel it's rath of jealous, deciept,manulaption, wicked ways,,,and we tag alone anyway what we get is what we've sought after,,,,,,,ending result nothing good.theres no time in this navigation of life to be curious without a through investigation first,,,,,,,,,,,be wise people.widom is gifted or those smart enough to ask ,,,cost 0 dollars and yet,,,we so easily make choices that can and will cost a precious life or lives.help me make sense for change.and thank you young lady for allowing me to express. Respectfully.

  3. Stop pointing fingers,,,willing subject!!!!!! Learn the words thanks but NO thanks,,,,stop pointing fingers and get yo self together,,,accept your blame in all of it,,,know curiosity kill the cat,,,,,hearing you're still alive your thoughts or the basis of your through should now be putting your life back on a positive track instead of changing a high ,,,do the work girl ,undo what you chose, undoing aint easy either so you may as well get started.
    This message is not meant to bring negitive,it's meant to educated it's meant to relay a message of knowing you matter and accepting the responsibility of the wrong choices we make.and knowing we can right our wrongs as we navigate this like,the choice is yours.Feom this day to the next RESPECT YOURSELF.

  4. So the first step is to take responsibility. She turned herself into a crackhead. She has to stop using completely. It’s 2018, who the hell is getting high if they have something to loose. She knew better yet she wanted to get her high and kept doing it. People get off drugs everyday and she can as well. It’s a decision she has to make. Stop being childish and blaming others for your bad judgement.

  5. Her friend her friend dude and everyone there is crappy people. Cut them all off and get yourself together and don’t keep people around you don’t trust your intuition is there to keep you aware like a guardian angel never doubt yourself with people.

  6. I think this is illegal but, she should've never took a joint from her friend or anyone that she didn't see roll it up, She already said that she got a bad vibe from this girl so I wouldn't never even did that in the first place I wouldn't have took that second hit after everybody claimed that they were done. We have to do better common sense would've been her best friend and this situation

  7. Maybe she can find an out patient program to help her kick. My understanding of coke is that it's a mind craving not a physical one. Get some help and watch out for toxic people. But like drinking, don't take nothing you didn't pour yourself, roll yourself. That "friend ," needs her ass whupped!

  8. Some of these men and women think that they had 'besties' they have to realize that some of those besties are beasties and are secretly jealous of them for whatever reasons. It is possible to sue her for physical and emotional damages, loss of wages, assault , and also sue her for rehab treatment. I hope that she is able to prove that the friend did it, because i doubt that she will admit it. If she could get it on tape that would be good. I don't know anything about stuff like that, but what i do know 'some friends' have deliberately sabotaged their friends lives – they've killed them, gotten them killed, gotten them raped, threw acid on their face, and they were so called friends. One lady said that she kept warning a male friend who kept rocking with this other guy, and he got into so much trouble but just couldn't seem to keep away. Well it resulted in him ending up 6 feet under, because of his so called 'friend'. If you suspect something about a 'friend' act on it and avoid them before they hurt you. I've known grown men who had big careers, mathematicians and other jobs – who lost them because of addictions. She needs to act and do so quickly before it takes a solid hold on her. The sooner the better – if they do treatments for that and she could check in for a month. The longer she waits, the worse it'll get. – pass the message on.

  9. To me it's a mind thing. When I was 17 I purchased a rolled up blunt (weed) and it was laced with crack cocaine that I didn't know about. Before then I had been smoking marijuana for about 4mths but I used to roll it up myself but it just so happen I felt like smoking one night so I went in the hood and ask a guy I went to school with if he had some lose marijuana for sale. He said no he only had a 2 rolled blunts and I could buy one from him…he went in his house and get it but he took a while to come out. After I purchased it from him I lite it up and left in my car me and 2 friends. After about 10mins I felt out of the ordinary way weed would make me feel. Instead of making me feel laid back it had my eyes wide open and I felt paranoid. I was driving on the wrong side of the road and I can't even remember how I got home…That was the last time I ever smoked marijuana and I'm 39 yrs old. I didn't like the feeling and it scared me. Be strong and don't go back,it's all in your mind… hang around positive people that doesn't mess with drugs..God bless u and good luck.😘

  10. Um, you can't get hooked on coke from one time use, she's is her own worst enemy!
    But, shit do that good good, but next time, tell your dealer to put a cut on it, that 1on1, or 2 on 2, something like that, just saying, I have no experience, ha, ha, ha!

  11. That definitely sounds illegal, but she may get herself a charge by admitting to a crime. The best thing is to stop rocking with that "Best friend". We have enemies in this world that are far less evil than your friend. Rethink your life, and your associations.

  12. Love updates!!! Appreciate your content, Dear!!!!! I wish you could upload more, but I understand your situation,
    I'm patient and still riding with you!

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