Marijuana: Moderation is KEY

I’m not tryna sound like a mom or some shit in the video lol, just offering advise to the young bucks out there new to the smoking world about potential hazards.


  1. Don’t smoke just to smoke….. smoke to bond with some homies at say a bonfire or something or maybe if you had a stressful day to clear your mind but it is not means a cure to things like depression it helps for sure but only temporary…..which is why doing it social grows you closer to people which friendship is great sober or stoned

  2. I’ve been smoking for 1.5 years, and been doing it everyday. Like 0.5g a day, now I haven’t smoked for 12 days! Feels really good tbh, I fkn love bud but I had a problem with it. Imma start smoking like 1-2 a week later, I’m just 17 so gotta chill for a bit,, I see this as a tolerance break. I advise everyone to take a break and just see how you feel 🙂
    Smoke well, all love <3

  3. I mean i smoke weed about once a month not because i limit myself, i just dont feel like smoking more often than once a month but if one day i woke up and all bud was just gone that shit would be tough asfuck to go through

  4. Erick you’re a fucking god for this video. So fucking true. It’s hard to explain this without making weed-haters feel like they’re right. It’s all science and psychology. Moderation is key…

  5. I Only smoke on Fridays and Saturdays. I also do something productive before I smoke, whether it be studying or hitting the gym, rather do something prior to a session. For those who are wondering, I don't smoke during the week as i'm to busy with school and other shit. Don't buy into that whole weed stereotype bull shit.

  6. once every week or two for a reality check… i dont like being too high cuz i get queezy and feel sick, just enough and happy and anxiety and depression goes away and i feel better for a few days and i slowly go back to my usual self

  7. on the thing he said about smoking after something productive, thats exactly why i try to only smoke at night. and usually only every other night to keep a low tolerance and amd save some cash

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