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  2. I understand this so much! I was in a car accident 13 years ago and I have chronic pain also. I hate it when I have those bad pain flares that are a million times worse than my "normal" pain. Sending healing thoughts your way. I play sims 4 to try to distract myself from the pain.

  3. Thank you for making this video, Rikki. I think it’s important for people without chronic pain to understand it, and for people with chronic pain to see they aren’t alone. Having had chronic pain for 11 years, connecting with other spoonies helps so much.

  4. I had chronic pelvic pain for years. Surgery fixed me, finally, yay! Exercise will not fix a medical problem, but physiotherapy and massage can do wonders for the secondary issues resulting from chronic pain, making sure your pain is as low as possible.

    Massage weekly for at least 5 weeks, and physio until you feel you are at a point where you have the exercises you need to stabilize things.

    Going to the gym without physio can make things a lot worse, overworking your compensating muscles into injury.

    I personally did find chiro to be helpful with flare ups, however only physio and massage prevent recurrences.

  5. Hi Rikki. So sorry you're suffering. Pain, especially chronic pain, sucks energy & can steals spoons.
    Have u ever tried a TENS unit? Voltaren gel? Arnica gel? Those have helped me in the past. Craniosacral therapy might be helpful w/ TMD.
    & Myofascial triggerpoint therapy might be helpful for your back. They have been helpful for me. If I could afford it, I would be using them now.
    Good luck w/ finding things to lower/ help u deal w/ the pain.

  6. If you do lots of reps and sets in the gym it may make things even worse. This is something not many people realize, because they think that exercise is always good for them. I would suggest heavy (but safe) compound exercises for small number of reps (3-6), but not squat if your back is in bad shape. Deadlift in proper form is really great for your back, but less experienced should do one rep at a time, then reset.

  7. It's no coincidence that stress and mental health problems are intrinsically linked to chronic pain. Being consistently physically active can improve all three. Ultimately pain is a subjective experience created by the brain and spinal cord. It's possible that the body to become hypersensitive to normal stimuli.

    Also please refrain from going to a chiropractor. They are bullshit artists and frequently injure their patients, invest in a physiotherapist instead. There is actually evidence that physiotherapy works unlike chiropractic.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain flare! I don't know much about your particular situation, but do you have access to physical therapy at all? My pain is usually pretty transient, but I've been struggling with constant SI joint (lowermost back) pain for the past 3 months, and I've also had pretty frequent subluxations of my shoulders and other tough things. I have zero pain management options until I can hopefully get a diagnosis from a specialist this December, but physical therapy has been super helpful for teaching me how to adjust my own joints (using muscle energy techniques) and allowing me to build strength so that my body can start holding my joints in place a bit better.

  9. I am so sorry what you went thur so much pain but so happy that you are doing so strong young woman . I know the feelings with painful that I do have same experiences. You are in my prayer to keep u up being strong,Rikki! I am deaf. ♡ Christy

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