1. I just hit that sub button, very informative. My opinion the vids go a tad too fast. I like the idea of the quickness in the video but I found it hard to pause at certain things then double tap to rewind took me to far back. Had to watch a few times to get it down, either way thank you for the information. After doing so I checked the description to see if you had directions and felt dumb. Just feel like others make the same mistake as me. Time to kick this physical addiction I have to Opioids. We drinking Thc and Cbd syrup now my brothers and sisters.

  2. Hello dear friend did this yesterday with 3g shatter alone and separated the oils from the top the best I can,, stored both to try the syrup, but could you please tell me what the removed oil could be used for as its tastes diff maybe coz its hust shatter oils.? Look forward to your reply 😁

  3. Id like to make cbd syrup from just cbd isolate/crystals and premade drinking sirup.. any suggestions for doing so? Do i still need the glycerin? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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