How to Get Clarity in Your Life | Rob Dyrdek on Impact Theory

MTV’s hit shows Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness are what he is most known for, but along with being a professional skateboarder and media …


  1. By far the best episode on here. I know exactly what he's talking about. It's literally an obsession with becoming better. Not flowing away with the highs and not broken by the lows.

  2. Tom has said it before we live in an amazing time and it's what you focus your energy on is what you see . This interview is just really eye-opening especially because I'm 30 now and these daily motivations are really helping guide me . Thank you for all the videos and micro goals to reach the one to optimizing my life and finding my purpose

  3. Hey ROB DYRDEK my name is Allen Thompson I have a YouTube channel name of it is Allen Thompson's martial arts Channel can you subscribe like shell and tell everyone you know I watch your shows can you show my channel on your ridiculousness please

  4. Rob you’re right about the intro’s, I just love to hear all the intros it really makes me want to listen to the interview, because you have to know how this person did all that.
    You are that amazing tho.
    I have never been disappointed on any of the interviews or the intros. Thank you Tom love your show.

  5. Thanks a lot Tom for your excellent Impact Theory YouTube brand! It’s aptly named and priceless, even though it’s free to access, which is a wonderfully legendary dichotomy of service to others.

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